Robotic Arms, Han Solo & Snow Shovels

Tony Stark lies dying on the floor of his workshop. He is sweating, pale, and motionless, propped up against a bench. The arc reactor that is normally in his chest, keeping him alive, is missing. The audience can't figure out how he's going to get out of this one. He's completely alone, he's out of... Continue Reading →

Running And Screaming: Jurassic Park & Kids

Probably one of the first movies I ever started to think about analytically, and also my favourite movie, is Jurassic Park. So it's a fitting one to start with. There's so many reasons this movie is great: the action, the cracking dialogue, such unique and interesting characters, and the massive leap forward in film visual... Continue Reading →


Refocus is an attempt to create a positive space when it comes to discussing films. So much online discussion around film can be very negative and argumentative. There can be so much energy expended in tearing something down, something that a whole lot of people devoted years of their lives and millions of dollars to... Continue Reading →

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